WildLife Tracker Canada

Welcome to WildLifeTracker.ca

I created this website as an interactive way for people to monitor the movement of wildlife. This can be very informative from school age to a hunter, researcher or farmer. We incourage you to take a picture of an animal when you see it, head over to Photo Bucket and upload that picture. Then when you go to mark down the location of where you seen the animal. Please include the Time, a short description of what it was doing when you seen it, and then add the pictures URL in the appropriate box.

When you add a photo make sure you copy its direct URL Link, the link won't have [img] tags in the link it simply look something like this.


Notice how it has .jpg at the end, you want to make sure your link also looks the same.

It should have .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmg or something similar if its been copied correctly.

I hope you enjoy the website and its slowly being updated when I have time.

If you find any bugs or would like to email to suggest any improvements you can feel free to email me at wildlifetracker.ca@gmail.com